Discord Rules

At any time, and without notice, these rules can be updated and/or changed.

Failure to follow these rules can and will lead to disciplinary action up to and including: verbal warning, kick from the server with a warning, a temporary ban from server, permanent ban from server, suspension and/or removal from departments, and blacklisted from departments.

Staff is able to remove/kick/ban anyone for any reason without warning. NOTE: Rules apply to ALL aspects of Discord, including your profile picture AND status.

Discord Rules 1. No slander, bullying, discrimination of any kind, or harassment. 2. No racist, sexist, pedophilia, or bigoted chat, links, pictures, or video - no warnings, permanent ban. 3. You MUST have a working mic. 4. Do not cause or participate in drama. 5. Use voice channels for their intended purpose. 6. Post related subject matter in the correct chat channels. 7. No advertising other discord servers, FiveM servers, pornography, violence, pedophilia. 8. Keep RTO( Radio Transmission Only) Failure to abide by this can result in removal from your department for a minimum of 24 hours. 9. Fire/EMS/LEO, Dispatch, Tow must be in radio comms while on duty. 10. Under no circumstances may a civilian join Fire/EMS/LEO comms. 11. Under no circumstances may Fire/EMS/LEO join civilian Comms, nor may a Civ player join Police Comms. 12. Do not discuss bans or kicks in Discord please go to the forum and request an unban appeal. 13. Do not discuss application status or rank requests. 14. Do not apply to more than one department unless specified by a staff member. 15. Do not ask for players to be kicked so you can join the server. 16. Do not speak about roles. 17. Do not tag staff under any circumstances, if you need assistance, create a ticket. Staff roles are trial moderators, moderators, senior moderators, administrators, director, and owner. 18. Do not use @ everyone or @ here unless you are a developer, moderator, admin, owner. 19. When dealing with an in-game problem please use the following protocol if you have an issue, comment, concern: create a ticket, if no response within 48 hours ask a Moderator, then Admin. 20. When dealing with an in-game/discord issue please use the following protocol when asking staff for help: Trial Moderator-->Moderator-->Senior Moderator-->Admin-->Director-->Owner. If you do not start with a Trial Moderator first or try to bypass by going straight to a Director/Owner you will be directed straight to a Trial Moderator for your issue. 21. Always check #before-you-ask for updated information. 22. English is to be spoken at all times.